Monday, February 24, 2014

Wow what a week! 02/24/14

Well its official! Im 21. I feel older than ever, but i had a great, fantastic birthday! We took a ton of pictures this week... so ill try to keep the writing short and the pictures many, because im just not gonna have enough time for everything!! So this email will probably just be scrambled and really unsmooth and out of order and everything... oh well. Follow along if you can.

So one thing about being here in chile is that everyone yells stuff in english all the time. But everybody only know the same one or two lines they learned from school... I usually love playing along with it... but anyways this week some kid yelled "Hello, please!" at us... and he just sounded so stupid saying it haha.  So Elder Paulson and I just died laughing, and i yelled back at the kid (also in english) "Are you kidding? Hello please? That makes NO sense." and then we just kept walking. hahaha. its ridiculous. Its probably one of those things you just have to live day after day to really understand it haha.But we get it all the time.

alright theres just so many things going through my head i cant even get it straight. haha. Im just gonna tell you about my birthday and then send pictures haha sorry. Theres just so much that went on this week.

So anyway. I woke up Saturday morning and just thought "oh my gosh im 21" haha. I feel the oldest ive ever felt. ALOT has changed this past year. I dont think ive ever had so much change in one year of my life... and this year was just a huge change, so im feeling pretty old now that im 21 haha. Yes, i know that im still way young, but its just crazy. 

So it was just a pretty normal day but i passed it well. In the morning i just officially opened up my package from mom and dad that i had received the day before! We had a special visit to our house from President and Hermana Arrington!!! Luckily we live pretty close to Conce so they didnt have to go TOO far... but still it was WAYYY nice of them! So they came friday morning and dropped off mom and dads package to me!!! Woo hoooo!!! I have pictures of that too. haha. Anyway so saturday i opened up the package and it was just great. So many baked goods from mom! It was fantastic!! Thank you so so much mom for taking the time to bake so many good treats for me!! you outdid yourself! ¡Se pasò! So Elder Paulson and I were able to start enjoying some of those al tiro. Thank you so so much!!! And im way pumped about the socks, shirt, and watch! Its an awesome watch!! haha. Anyway. So i opened that up.

We then had an awesome lunch (Just by luck) and I enjoyed a meal tipico chileno called Pollo a lo pobre. And it was this way good chicken with eggs and onions and fries. haha. its way good. Anyways so i had a way good lunch. I then was able to play piano for a relief society activity they had for the ward. So that made me happy that i was able to share my piano abilities on my birthday and play the piano :) That made me really happy. But then after that it was just a normal day... we just went to work and visited and what not... haha. 
and then at night right before we went into the house Elder Paulson wanted to do a little something for me so we stopped by a negocio and he bought me this thing called a "mini torta" which is just like a mini cake... i cant think of something similar in america that we have.... anyways. So he bought that and a candle because i told him not to get me a real cake because i didnt want it haha. and we went back to the house and sang me happy birthday and passed it tranquilo... and then we went to bed! haha. so i have lots of pictures..

But then the next night.... Elder Paulson and I took advantage of moms "birthday cake kit" that she sent! and THAT was fun!!!! hahaha. Ill send pictures of that as well. 

But all in all... it was a good birthday! it was super tranquilo and everything and thats exactly how i wanted it. So i had a great birthday!

Sunday was a cool day too because randomly that day our bishopbric just went into crazy "obra misional" mode and were getting way involved with our investigators we brought to church. And it was awesome haha. They treated our investigators so good. And the menos activa that we had found came to church that sunday! And she was able to have an interview with the bishop that same day! So that was SO awesome!! 

and then today we had consejo! So thats why im emailing a bit later haha. We had an awesome consejo. It was alot of fun. and we learned alot and felt the spirit alot. 

But so im healthy, happy, and older than ever! haha. But it was an awesome week with lots of crazy stuff that i wish i had time to tell you everything. But youll just have to ask about it after the mission! haha. But ill just leave it at that and send pictures. 

Thank you so so so so much to everyone for the birthday wishes and emails and everything! I feel extremely loved and missed so thank you very very much! Just know im happy and healthy!! and im loving the mission and all that im doing! Have an awesome week and know i love and miss you all! Thanks for everything! Se que la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es la iglesia verdadera de Cristo, y que el evangelio ha sido restaurado. Les quiero y extraño mucho! Hasta la proxima.

Elder Heyman

1. So on tuesday during our time of district class, the hermanas had made a cake and brought it for my birthday! It was shared amongst all the zone. It was some like chilean type cake. Idk it was way good haha. And they put 30 on there as a joke. They got me! I was like "Why in the world did you put 30?! Im 21!!!!" haha. They got me. 

2. The hermanas that did the cake! Hna Corbett and Nájera!

3.  Some whack glasses some investigators had in their tiny tiny house for their 3d capable TV.... haha. Oh chile....

4. The hermana menos activa that we found had this picture saved of the Elder that baptized her mom yeaaaaaaaars ago!!! hahahaha. It was so funny. Anyone know him?? I think they said he was from utah hahaha.
5. On thursday morning we had a service activity that we had to clean the wood out of a shed and 
then axe it up in preparation for winter. It was fun cutting wood with an axe haha. 
1. More service fotos. 
2. Me and Elder Paulson juntos.

3. and then another day we found that a recent convert had this barney doll thing in her house hahaha. We thought it was way funny. So we took pictures of it. It was even funnier because it was la Hermana Matilde, the 73 yr old woman ive talked about before.

4. this was me enjoying a sweet bowl of some way delicious zucaritas de sabor fruitilla on the morning of my birthday. Thanks mom and dad! For real it was the best cereal ive had since ive been on my mission haha. 

5. Starting to open some presents!

1. my awesome shirt!!!
2. SOCKS!!!!!! with my awesome wool REI socks because its starting to be cold again at night and in the morning haha.

3. the way cool watch! its confusing to work but its cool haha. 

4. This was the torta and candle that elder paulson got me :D

5. Not to put it to shame or anything....... but then heres the one mom and dad sent me.... SO COOL AND SO FUN. hahahaha

1. this is just kind of a fun picture. We tried to get a picture of the both of us and the candle but we failed. It finished before we got it.

2. me trying to be cool and show im 21 now. 

3. Thanks mom and dad for the 21 sauce ;) haha.

4. Mom and Dad. This guy is from the mision Conce Sur and says his brother is in your mission! Elder Sotelo! Para que sepan. 

1. I shop called I like Sushi. In english. And i dont even like sushi haha. 

2. Special delivery from Presidente y Hermana! Thank you so much mom and dad! and president and hermana Arrington! :) :)

Shoot Im getting old. 02/17/2014

Well, its true. This week I turn 21. Snap. Thats way old. I still feel so young inside! haha. I definitely feel like im older, but still I meet people here that are only like 21-22ish.... and i feel like theyre SO much older than me still! I never thought the day would arrive when I turned 21 haha. Weird.

Anyways. Enough ranting about that. I imagine ill be having a good day. No special plans so far, but ill let you know next week :D

But so this week was a good week! I spent alot of time with Argentines this week! haha. I think the accent is starting to stick che... haha thats a joke for people that know how argentines speak. anywayyy...

So on Wednesday we had a conferencia de los nuevos again! Soooo once again we had some visitors! Thats when i had my first day with an argentine haha. So we went and picked up some new missionaries to do some divisions with them in our sector. So I was withElder Andrade! We had a lot of fun and had a good day. He was really shy! So i had to push him a little so he would talk more. But it was fun. and we had a good day :) I really enjoy doing those mini cambios with the newbies because its fun to answer their questions and help them out and stay. I always do a kind of "you can ask me ANY question, about anything" with them (who does that sound like? I must be the son of my father.) and its alot of fun like that. and then at the end of the day me, elder paulson, elder andrade and elderMoura all met back up at the house (Because they were going to be sleeping there) and we treated them to a ton of Mac N Cheese! haha. They  sell some in the supermarkets here, so we had bought them to make for them. IT WAS SO GOOD. ill send pictures.

Friday was also an interesting day. It started out with a call from the assistents letting us know that we were having an emergency cambio in our zone! they joked with me for like 2 seconds and said that i was the one that was leaving (that was NOT funny haha) but then told us that Hermana Taylor was leaving! So emergency cambios are always fome (lame) and so it was sad to have hermana taylor leave. She was a really good missionary! And replacing her came the Hermana Nàjera from mexico! So we`ve got a latina now. And she says she knows how to cook. So we told her the next zone activity we have were putting her in charge of the food so she makes us mexican food. hahaha. 

And then the other thing friday was that the assistents also did some mini cambios with some missionaries from our zone. and so long story short we did some mini cambios with some of the newer missionaries in the zone to capacitate them and stuff. and so once again i was with another Argentine. So i spent friday with Elder Lozano! and it was way fun to be with him too! Hes a way good elder and is really smart. He has some difficult stuff going on back home so i was able to talk to him about that too and so it was way good to get to know some of our elders better. 

The other weird thing about Friday was that it was valentines day. and chile is a very..... lovey/touchy country... so it was just awkward all day because you wouldnt believe the number of people just kissing and all over eachother all day. Seriously it was unbelievable. It was bad haha. Anyway. Just wanted to make a note of that. 

also friday was awesome because with elder Lozano, we were walking down a street (a dead end) because i thought the house we were looking for was on that street, we realized it wasnt, starting leaving, and as we were leaving the street, a woman we had said hi too as we came in came back out of her house and said suddenly " Elderes! Come here! I need to talk to you!" So i cautiously said "uhhh... okay? Do you need help with something? Or whats up?" And she just opened her door and said "Come in! I want you to talk to my daughter. im a member! But ive just been inactive. And i want to go back to church. and my kids are at that age when theyre starting to get in trouble and they fight alot and they need help and good principles. So i decided i need to go back to church so they can learn." And we just stood there shocked. and so we said well alright. So we went in, and asked how old her daughter was and she told us 8! So i, being a missionary, asked oh awesome! And when does she turn 9?" And she said "In march! March 14!" yesssssssssssss. even betterrrrrrr.haha. So anyways. We taught them, met the fam, and laid down the law to tell them what was gonna have to happen so that she could get reactivated and the kids baptized. It was an awesome milagro find!

So friday was an awesome day just full of stuff! haha.

and then saturday and sunday were just normal, and this morning we got together as a zone in one of our chapels and played soccer together! It was fun. Ill send pictures! 

But so that was a quick run down of my week! I love you and miss you all. Thank you very much for all the birthday wishes i received today! Youre all the best :) I hope to have a good birthday! Ill update you next week. As for now... a trabajar no mas. Asì es la misiòn. I LOVE being a missionary and LOVE all the truths ive learned during my time as a missionary. Read, pray, go to church, keep the commandments, and all will be well :) Love you all! Have a good week!

-Elder Heyman

1. Thats elder paulson with a magnet we have on our fridge. Its actually way funny. haha

2. The zone after playing futbol!

3. funny foto.

1. Group foto at the end of the night with our wonderful mac n cheese. Elder Moura also played the guitar so we enjoyed a little tocar sesh together. 

2. otra.

3. Me with Elder Andrade 

¡Hola a mi gente! 02-10-2014

Hey folks. How is everyone? I hope youre all great. Im doing good! Here i am with a little update of what happened in the week.

So first off... My birthday package arrived! I got the package from the fam! So thank you very very very much! I was way pumped. I love getting some USA snacks and things from the fam. So i was really happy about that. Thank you so much! I already opened most of it... haha i could kind of feel what it all was... so i just opened it so i could enjoy it haha. So thank you very much! Im enjoying it all :) ill send a picture.

This week was a good week. Were having a really tough time with the vacations here... EVERYONE is leaving! And if theyre not leaving, theyre people that dont live in our sector and are just visitingfor the vacations and so theyre leaving in like 2 weeks! haha. Shoot. So we`ve been able to share a bunch, but theyre all people that we cant continue working with... So we just write down theyre information and send the reference to wherever the respective location is haha. So hopefully we`ll be able to find some people of our own soon! 

We made really good progress with Daniela and her Menos activo boyfriend Bryan this week! They were also out of town during the week. but so we did a really good verification with them by phone during the week and left some homework for them. It helped them out alot. And then saturday night they came back into town (so they were able to go to church on sunday) and we were able to have a really awesome lesson about the law of chastity with them. Because theyre currently living together... and thats not okay. So we talked to them about it, told them they needed to either get married or seperate themselves, and they understood and accepted to do one of the two. They didnt make the decision right off the back, but we invited them to go to church the next day with a specific question for God in their mind, and promised them the He would give them some guidance if they went to church with that question in mind looking for an answer. and it was SWEET because we had happened to have already talked to the memebers that week who told us they were going to speak, and that they were going to speak about.... MARRIAGE! and the importance and blessings of marriage :D How perfect. and then the second class was going to be about Agency! And the ability we have to choose. So elder Paulson and I were WAY pumped for them to come to church with their questions in mind. haha. And they did! And we havent been able to talk to them completely about it yet, but we do know that they really liked church and got some good guidance from the talks and classes :) Its crazy how the Lord just puts everything together so it all turns out just right. So that was a cool miracle we saw this week. 

andd.... another cool thing is that randomly in the week one of the hermanas from the ward called us and told us she had some old couches that she wanted to gift us. That they were still good but that she was just getting new ones. so we accepted. and so now we have two more chairs and a sofa in our house. And theyre pretty comfy. It was fantastic. haha. So wednesday night we went and picked them up. It was great and were really happy about it haha. 

On thursday night we got to play futbol with the jovenes. It was the first time ive played in awhile... Its so good for you to play sports. Its so healthy. I need more exercise. I felt so good physically after playing haha. But it was cool because we got to play with them and got to kknow some of their friends that we can visit! haha. So... I still love futbol. but i also still love lacrosse. And as of now still have every intention of trying to play again when i get back. 

But more than that... There are just details from the week that i wont bore you with haha. I have few pictures, so ill send the few that i have. But im loving the work. I love being a mission. I love everything that i learn, the progression ive made and the changes ive made! Im basically loving the person im becoming from all my experiences in the mission! its the greatest.

But... Ill just send the few fotos i have now. I love you all and miss you lots. Im loving the mission and i know without doubt that this is the true church of Christ and his only true Gospel. Have a fantastic week and be a good person! haha. Hasta la proxima!

-Elder Heyman

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello Family! 02/03/14

Hey everyone! Hope all is well. Heres a quick update from the past week!

So... Elder Holt left. And Elder Paulson arrived! We were as excited as ever to be comps haha. It was way funny. When we saw eachother we were just like "Were compssss!!!" and gave eachother a big hug. So its way good to have Elder Paulson here. We get along way well. We were already friends before he arrived on tuesday! So he got here, and we just went right off to work.

Having been sick two weeks ago, and then having a "despedida week", we kind of had to start from scratch haha. So he got here and we just went out and started talking to everyone and searching and finding investigators. It went pretty well and we were able to find some good people! 

We had an awesome experience with one of them. Its actually the girlfriend of Bryan. Bryan is the brother of little Paulita that got baptized a few weeks ago. We went to visit the whole family and only found Bryan and Daniela (the girlfriend) in the house. Daniela is not a member so we shared with the both of them. Long story short, we shared about baptism and invited her to get baptized at the end of this month. She said she obviously still didnt know, but during the lesson she felt the spirit really really strong and got way excited and emotional about it all, and so she accepted to be baptized the 22 of feb (my birthday! :D Hopefully it comes through... haha) and that she was super ready to do everything necessary to find out if thats what she needed to do! Shes been to church a million times already with the family, so shes pretty familiar with the church and now just needs to make the decision that its what the lord wants her to do! And obviously it is haha. But anyway. So were working with her now. Shes really great and super smart. And shes an english teacher here and actually has really good english. But speaks with a heavy british accent its way funny (thats the version of english they teach here. From England) But anyway. I digress. So were working with her as our main focus right now! Shes progressing really great. She has a few challenges, but thats where your prayers come in handy! Pray for Daniela por favor! So that shes willing to make all the changes necessary in her life to be baptized the 22nd!

So that was way good. But anyway, some other things from the week...

This is Elder Paulsons first cambio as a Zone Leader, so im showing him the ropes a little. Not that its too much, but its fun to help him out and show him what we do. Hes obviously super capo (smart) and picks it all up immediately haha. So its pretty easy! He`s a way good missionary too. A really good teacher, really hard worker, and really animated! So it will be a lot of fun being with him.

A funny thing... hahaha Elder Holt is so funny. So Elder Holt left a TON of stuff here at the house since he didnt need all of it and didnt want to bring it all home with him... Well. One of the things he left behind was... His alarm clock. hahhaa. Funny guy. So i guess that he set his alarm clock for 4:02 in the morning, and then hid it in our bedroom... hahahaha. So the first night we were home... Elder Paulson were woken up at 4:02 in the morning by Elder Holts alarm haha. So i had to get up and look for it!! It turned out just to be under my bed in the corner of the thing but i was so mad in the moment hahaha. But it was way funny. Good one Elder Holt! You got me bud! We miss you here in Villa Acero hahaha. (he also had snuck a phone alarm on my fone for 4:05. So i went back to bed, and then was woken up again 3 minutes later hahaha. Nice one).

So that was funny. Another new experience from the week was that the hermanas in our zone are searching for a new house. So ive never done anything that house to do with house searching or buying or renting or anything... So we offered to help them visit this house to see if they wanted to rent it just so they didnt have to do it alone... and so that we could learn :P haha. (is that selfish?) So anyway we went and visited a house to talk to the people and see if they were gonna rent it. Theres really nothing to report from the experience. Theyll probably move in. The people were nice. The house is wayyyy small. But the hermanas like it and want it so theyll probably go there. That will be fun having to help them move their stuff...... ha. Nah it will be fine. Anyways. Ive never done anything like that before so i just wanted to report that we did that this past week haha. 

But anything more than that... Thats about it. More than that were just getting used to all the changes we have around here with new missionaries and new companions and the whole thing. So ¡en eso estamos! I dont really have any pictures from the week either :/ Sorry. I have one from Elder Paulson that we just quickly took a little bit ago. So ill send it to you i guess. Its not that great. Ill get a better one during the week haha. All is well and im loving the work! I love you and miss you all! Have an awesome week! The church is true, the gospel is restored, and Christ lives! Hasta la proxima!

Elder Heyman

Mas o menos no mas la foto... pero aqui esta.

Heres me and elder PaulsoN! Ill get a better one next week!!

This Week was a Tough Week 01/27/14

Hey family! I hope all is well. Here i am once again on monday, the week having flown by. Like ALWAYS, I had another crazy week. This past week was a little different though, and it was a tough week. 

Soooo... it sounds like Elder Tengberg already got the picture off... But on monday AFTER i had already sent my email, i went back to the office... and I got to see Elder Tengberg!!!! It was CRAZY!!! hahaha. It was the best thing ever. We just saw eachother and were like "dude no way!!!" And we gave eachother a huge big hug and just talked for a few minutes. It was so awesome to see him, and to be able to talk to one of my friends in spanish. And it was awesome to be able to see how he`s changed. Elder Tengberg was already an awesome guy to begin with, but still you could note a change in him! The mission does amazing things! Every young man needs to go on a mission for real. I cant imagine what would have happened to me in my life if i didnt go. But so that was AWESOME! Ill attach the picture anyways so you can all see it! 

Well... so that was Monday afternoon. The roughness of the week began Monday night. On monday night right before we were about to head off to bed, we got a phonecall from the hermanas. Without going into details to respect her privacy, one of the hermanas in our zone has been having some really bad health problems the past few months. We all had been working really really hard to do everything we could for her to help her out, and she had been fighting really really good. She had been progressing health wise, but it was still a big struggle... But so monday night the hermanas called to let us know that she had made the decision to go home, and that she would be leaving on wednesday. 
So obviously she had prayed about the whole thing and new it was the right decision for her and everything... but still. It broke my heart to hear that she was going to home! As a lider for any missionary you learn to really care about the wellbeing of your missionaries and want to help them out the best you can, so when we heard that one of our hermanas was going home, it was way sad :( So we just gave her some words of encouragement and let her know that we knew it was the right decision and that it was going to be the best for her! But so that was a big bummer.
But... to add on to that, earlier that same day i had learned that 2 other hermanas that i had been district leader for were ALSO having some major health problems, and would be going home early and leaving the next week.

Boooooo. So i didnt just get one punch to the face, I got THREE. So THAT was pretty fome. So monday night was a pretty rough night as I realized that 3 of my hermanas would be going home early in the next week. Itttt made me pretty sad. Like i dont know... maybe its one of those "you had to be there things" or like you have to live it to understand, but it was just really super lame and made me way sad! But anyways that got me pretty down that night. I know it will be the best for them though! So ill be keeping them in my prayers and thatd be aweseom if you could include them in yours as well so they can all get better!

So anyways that made the week pretty tough, and to add the fourth and final punch... Elder Holt goes home today to! So i lost FOUR missionaries this week! So basically it was just like i lost 4 friends this week haha. So thats why it was a tough week. More of an emotional tough than anything haha. 

So anyways, going back through the rest of the week... Lets see. On Wednesday we went with the assistants and president and his wife and said bye to the hermana in our zone and helped her with her stuff. 

and then on saturday... haha. Oh man. Its a long story. But ill keep it short.
So remember that football team? We the coach of that team is really a go-getter. So he somehow got a hold of President Arringtons number or the assistants number or something, and set up a meeting so he could somehow continue getting help from these gringo missionaries who are good at football haha. So long story short, they met up, President authorized it, and so now on saturdays (the pday for the assistants) the assistants are going to this football team and helping them out, and on occasion inviting the actual football playing elders to go and help out for 2 hours as well. Soooo on saturday we went and played football again! haha. Especially being Elder Holt`s last week. So anyway we went and helped them out. It was way fun! And Elder Holt is basically famous to them haha. So they had a good time saying bye! haha.

And well... more than that in the week... the time was spent saying bye to the members and other people and getting elder holt packed up haha... 

and now we show up to today! And Elder Holt is officially doing his final things before he goes home. His interview, dinner with president, etc... We`ve said our official goodbyes and now im in a trio with some elders from my zone until my new comp gets here tomorrow morning! 

It was sad saying bye to Elder Holt. He was a great comp, BUT. Hes a super happy guy and we both got along way well and he`ll be there close in Utah and were sure we`ll be friends after the mission and that we`ll be seeing eachother... So it wasnt TOO hard! haha. It was more of a temporary "peace out" haha. So it was sad, but we`ll be seeing eachother again soon! He was a great comp and I learned alot from him! Hes a real good guy haha.

And with Elder Holt leaving.... that means... Im getting a new comp! And you`ll never believe who it is! Im going to be comps with Elder Paulson!!! Do you remember Elder Paulson at all? We both showed up at the same time here in the mission! We lived together in the same room in the MTC! We were both locked in the same room together for 9 weeks in the MTC! Yeahhhh!!!!! hahaha. Another awesome comp on his way! Ill send a pic to remind you who he is! But so its his first time being zone leader so ill be showing him the ropes a little bit. But so im way pumped to be with him! He`s from utah and his little brother played lacrosse at BYU too the year after i left! So this will be great haha. Im excited.

Buttt.....more than that.I cant really think of too much! Ill just send a couple of pictures... I dont have too many :/ Elder Holt has them on his camera haha. he just took all the pictures this week. So ill send what ive got! I love you all and miss you! Have an awesome week. And ill talk to you next week! The church is true, Christ lives still, and through his atonement we can be saved! SO take advantage of it! I love you all! HAsta la proxima!

Elder Heyman

1. Our final abrazo! "Dont go elder holt!" haha.

2. Comps.

3. My new comp Elder Paulson! This is from a few months ago when we were in the same zone! Hes the one with the bright shirt right next to me with his arm around me! Were gonna be comps! Woo hoo! Im pumped! haha.

4. Me and Elder Tengberg! Que Bakan! we were even coincidentally matching (kind of) for the occasion!

A Super Lame Week. 01/20/2014

Hiiii everyone. well. This week was pretty lame with like 0 things happening... ill explain why soon. but i have some more pictures to send so ill get those on their way as well. Im sure everyone enjoys the pictures more than the letters haha. 

So anyways. This past week Elder Holt and I were.... sick. ha. Ill tell you as much as i can without going into too much detail haha....

So for a lonnnnnng time ive been kind of sick. Just like, stomach sick. So of course i just didnt really do too much about it. Sometimes id be fine for awhile, but then itd come back, then go away, and so on and so forth. and recently Elder Holt started having kidn of the same thing.... So my mission president asked how my health was in our last interview, and i explained the situation to him. And he told me how i maybe had a bug or parasite of some sort.... Sooooo. I went and talked to the mission nurse, and she gave Elder Holt and I.... "The bomb". hahaha. 

So long story short Elder Holt and I spent almost the whole week just in our house, getting our systems washed out. It was super lame haha. BUT i did alot of studying! So that was good. We were going pretty crazy from being stuck in the house so much. But we survived. We were able to leave a few times to do one visit to someone that lived close by, but we couldnt really ever travel too far from the house. Just in case. haha...

So anyways thats what led to a lame week. We just did absolutely nothing. So we didnt really have any progress in our sector. No new investigators, no progress, nada... Soooo. Yeah. 

But as for my health, so far im feeling alot better! So hopefully this medicine worked haha. Hopefully. 

But more than that... ill just send pictures and tell the stories with those! We had consejo de lideres today and it was really good! I continue learning lots and lots and love being able to feel the presence of the Holy Ghost in my life and I love receiving confirmations testifying to me that i really am following the promptings of the spirit. Its the best feeling ever. 

Well i love you and miss you all and hope that all is well! Christ is our savior, the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is true, and the gospel is restored as well as the priesthood of God. Love you and miss you lots! Have a great week!

Elder Heyman

1. This is a cool foto i forgot to add the other week from when we went to the beach! The other elder had it. This was in camino to the beach and once the beach came into sight. We all saw the beach, got way excited and started yelling and cheering. So i ran ahead and did a heel clicker and an elder got a cool foto of it! haha. Enjoy.

2. One day during the week we bought this huge box of fries from this little restaurant thing on the corner of our street. And so we just ate a ton of fries. 

3. Grandma and Grandpa Curtis sent me a package! I got it last week! Woo hoo! Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa! They gave me a tie and some socks and some peanut M and Ms! It was fantastic! 

4. We took our pills on tuesday afternoon. On monday night we did a noche de hogar with paula and her family because there are two unbaptized girlfriends in the family that are possibilities to be baptized. So we taught them, and then for the noche de hogar activity.... We made sopaipillas! They taught us to make sopaipillas! It was fun haha. But hard. Im a terribel cook.

5. Some of the final results haha.

Hello! 01/13/14

Hey family and friends! I hope all is well. We had.... no surprise here... another crazy interesting week! haha. Ill share a few things with you of what happened this week...

So the first thing interesting that happened this week... is that on wednesday we had to babysit the hermanas house for like 2 hours! haha what? Well so the house of the hermanas in our zone is kind of junky. And the owner of their house went by one day, saw the bad state of the house and said "im gonna send a bunch of workers to come fix this up!" soooo.... the hermanas just have random worker guys coming into their house at random times on random days and like... its weird. Anyways. So the hermanas shouldnt and cant be alone in the house like that with these guys, but they dont want to leave these guys alone in their houses either with all their stuff. So basically someone has to be in their house at all times when those guys are there. Normally theyre looking for memebers or someone to be in the house... but theyre not always available or willing. so on wednesday the hermanas asked if we could stay for a little so they could go work and not be in the house all day because they couldnt find anyone else. So we did that. It was weird. But so we asked the assistants/president about it... and long story short, we are now looking for a new house that the hermanas can move into so they dont have to deal with that! haha. 

Another thing from the week is that we had interviews with President on friday! That was good. and it was good to see him and the hermana arrington. He basically justtalked to me about how things are going in the zone and about the parents and about making sure i help Elder Holt finish strong in his last few weeks haha. But it was a good interview! 

also we were able to find someone new this week! Her name is rosa. Shes pretty old and really funny. Shes the neighbor of Matilde! The hermana who celebrated her 73rd birthday (that foto i sent!) We met her on saturday (she was a reference) and invited her to church, and she accepted and came the next day! It was awesome :) So we`ll be working with her. Ive never taught or baptized an old lady before haha... so this will be a new experience :P

and those are basically highlight events that happened this past week. haha. A happy birthday shout out to my nephew Kyle! Happy 6th birthday bud!!!! I saw the reptile pics and that was crazy awesome! I love you bud happy birthday!

anddd just to add for maybe your curiosities sake, as of a few days ago in my personal studies ive been reading in 2 nephi, the isais chapters. And its actually been awesome haha. Normally theyre chapters that are super slow and confusing and blahhhh. BUT! Elder Holt has one of those Book of Mormon class books (Like religion 121 or something like that) and ive been rereading through the book of mormon with this book at my side... and its been AWESOME. It helps so much and gives such cool insights to everything. And so ive been reading the isiah chapters with this books and it helps me understand it alot better and makes it alot more interesting.  So im learning lots! haha. Ive learned to really love the book of mormon! And its cool because as i read it and study it in the morning, i always find an opportunity to share something from the chapter i read that morning, with someone during the day. The scriptures are true and they always work! Read them! Your life will be better that way haha. 

Anyway, thats all ive got for now. Ill send some pictures from the week. I love you and miss you all! I love the mission and time is passing by WAY too fast haha. Its crazy. Have an awesome week!

-Elder Heyman

1. We went to a members house and they randomly had an infestation of bees inside the wall of their kitchen. It was gross. We took a picture with it.

2. This is me pretending the bees are going crazy and attacking me haha...

3. We went to lunch on sunday with the family that let us do skype. And we discovered this SWEET reclining chair. I pretended to take a nap. No nap was actually taken.

1. One morning Elder Holt and I drew faces on his birthday balloons he had. We then took funny fotos.

2.  Suspicious

3. Sometimes you get really tired during personal study... hahaha.